WRFG Labor Forum on Monday, Nov 13

The Labor Forum on WRFG 89.3FM hears from graduate students at Emory University about the issues that have
caused them to organize for union recognition. Courtney Kaye Rawlings will join us to talk about this struggle of graduate student workers who teach a large number of the classes at universities across the country. A union victory was just gained at the University of Chicago, no doubt an encouraging message to the Emory students.

Courtney will be providing information about a Nov. 20 rally at Emory. This interview will be from 4:15-4:30pm.

The organizer of “Teach the Truth,” will be calling in from Los Angeles, Ca. at 4:30pm. Nolan Hack is spearheading an effort to
bring awareness to students and the community about the history of the persons for whom public schools are named. Often times,
it is someone whose fame is rooted in exploitative or repressive actions against people of color, in particular.

Nolan will tell us about the launch of this campaign on Nov. 17.

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WRFG Labor Forum program on Monday, Oct 30

The Labor Forum on WRFG 89.3FM will offer a special program on Monday, Oct. 30, 4-5pm during the second week of the Fall Pledge Drive as we interview Rose Omamo from Kenya and Cida Trajano from Brazil.

Both women are leaders of the labor movement in their countries and are members of a large all women delegation that attended the AFL-CIO Convention in St. Louis last week.
In Ferguson and Atlanta, they have met with organizations and communities on issues of racism and gender disparities, sharing their own struggles to overcome these obstacles to working class unity.
With both Kenya and Brazil in the news, this timely interview will take place from 4:15-4:55pm.
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The Labor Forum is honored to have Rose Omamo and Cida Trajano join the long list of union and community activists whose voices can be found on WRFG.
Be sure to tune in Monday  at 4pm. The video of the program will be on The Labor Forum YouTube channel for later viewing.
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WRFG Labor Forum on Monday, Oct 23

The WRFG 89.3FM Fall Pledge Drive starts Monday, Oct. 23.

Our 4:15-4:30 guest is Ebone Williams, office administrator and program coordinator for the Atlanta- N.Georgia Labor Council who will bring our listeners information about a delegation of union women from Kenya and Brazil visiting Atlanta on Oct. 27. She will announce the events offering opportunities to meet and share common concerns affecting working women in each of our countries.

At 4:30, Atlanta AFT president, VerdailliaTurner will will discuss the crisis in public education with forces at the national and local level undermining public schools in favor of privatized education. Quality, public education for all is a matter of importance for all working families.

Both guests will join The Labor Forum team in encouraging donations to the station in recognition of the unique opportunity WRFG offers to community members and leaders to inform the public about issues and raise solutions from the perspective of “those who do the work.”

The Labor Forum airs every Monday from 4-5pm.

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WRFG Labor Forum on Monday, Oct 16

On Monday, Oct. 16, The Labor Forum on WRFG 89.3FM welcomes Atlanta area activists in the struggle against racism and police violence.

At 4:15pm, we will hear from the KSU cheerleaders whose action of “taking a knee” at a university football game on Oct. 7 has prompted criticism from
Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren and State Rep. Earl Ehrhart as well as support from university students, faculty and staff and community groups.

The action of athletes “taking a knee” is part of the national response to the hundreds of Black men and youth and others dying yearly at the hands of police.

The two guests at 4:30-4:55pm will be discussing the upcoming activities in Atlanta, Oct. 19-22, part of the National Stop Police Brutality
days of action.

Gerald Griggs, attorney and vice president of the Atlanta NAACP, along with Patricia Scott whose son was killed in the Fulton County jail will describe
the conditions facing communities of color, poor and working people with the criminal justice system, the police, courts and jails. They are both taking
part in the Oct. 19-22 events and will discuss the goals and details of the activities.

The Labor Forum airs every Monday from 4-5pm on WRFG 89.3FM. The program takes up the many issues impacting working families,on the job and
in the community.
The program strives to bring information, build unity and express solidarity among all the members of the working class.

WRFG Labor Forum program on Monday, Oct 9

The Labor Forum on WRFG 89.3FM welcomes back Sara Patenaude of Hate Free Decatur to update the progress being made in the struggle to remove the Confederate Monument from Decatur Square as well as defending the rights of immigrants from ICE detainers.. Sara will be on air from 4:15-4:30pm.

At 4:30pm, union organizer, Reese Soulter with the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees, IBT, will take up the issue of universal healthcare by discussing the failure of profit-driven insurance plans versus the merits of a single-payer program like Medicare for all.

Any improvements that were made by the Affordable Care Act are steadily being reversed by Congress and the Trump administration. The resulting health care crisis for millions of poor and working people demands new and different approach to health care. Reese will explain the benefits a single-payer program.

The Labor Forum airs every Monday from 4-5pm on WRFG 89.3FM. For additional information, the website is

WRFG Labor Forum on Monday, Oct 2

On the Oct. 2 Labor Forum program on WRFG 89.3FM, co-host Dawn O’Neal will be reporting from the Atlanta City Council meeting where legislation decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana will be voted on. The current statute of one year in jail and a large fine is one of the main reasons for the mass incarceration of many young, working class people, Black men in particular. The proposed ordinance would make possession of small amounts a $75 ticket.

Please tune in at 4:15 for that live report.
From 4:30-4:55, Yomara Arnal Velez will provide both background and current information on Puerto Rico in the aftermath of the devastating hurricanes that have destroyed much of the island. Yomara is actively working on relief efforts.
The Labor Forum airs every Monday from 4-5pm on WRFG 89.3FM. For further information, please see
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