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WRFG Labor Forum on Monday, August 31, 2015

Tune in to The Labor Forum on WRFG 89.3FM, Monday, Aug. 31, 4-5pm for an update on the AT&T negotiations since the expiration of the union contract a month ago. Nick Hawkins, CWA regional representative will describe the issues critical to the workers. 
In the last half hour, co-hosts Dianne Mathiowetz and Paul McLennan will engage in a discussion with Domestic Workers Alliance members about the recent legal victory mandating minimum wages  and overtime pay to some 2 million domestic workers.
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Chelsea Manning is now facing indefinite solitary confinement

Chelsea Manning is now facing indefinite solitary confinement

By the Chelsea Manning Support Network. August 13, 2015

Aside from her 35-year prison sentence, Chelsea Manning is now facing indefinite solitary confinement to be determined in a closed hearing August 18th. Donate today to Chelsea’s legal defense fund, to beat back this attack and to help her challenge her unjust 35-year prison sentence.

chelsea manning new photo
BREAKING NEWS: First available photo of Chelsea Manning since her 2013 court martial! This was taken by prison authorities in February, shortly after she began hormone therapy (released via FOIA request).

Some of the items that Chelsea faces indefinite solitary confinement for possessing.

Chelsea faces this incomprehensibly severe punishment as a result of ridiculously innocuous institutional offenses, including the possession of books and magazines related to politics and LBGTQ issues (which she received openly via the prison mail system), and having a tube of toothpaste that was past its expiration date–deemed “medical mis-use”. The catalyst for this attack on Chelsea seems to have been an incident in the mess hall where she may have brushed, or accidentally knocked, a tiny amount of food off of her table. When aggressively confronted by a guard, she asked to speak to her lawyer.

Read the actual charge sheet for yourself here via Chelsea’s Twitter account–here are a few more pages. No, we are not kidding.

In a currently breaking Associated Press story, Chelsea’s lead attorney Nancy Hollander explains, “Prisons are very controlled environments and they try to keep them very controlled and sometimes in that control they really go too far and I think that this is going too far. … [These events] could impinge on her free speech rights and be an attempt to silence her.”

Ms. Hollander notes that she is particularly troubled by the fact that Chelsea’s reading material was taken away, including a novel about transgender issues, the book “Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy — The Many Faces of Anonymous,” the book “I am Malala,” an issue of Cosmopolitan magazine containing an interview with Manning and the US Senate report on CIA torture.

Sign the petition

Our friends at Fight for the Future have created a petition where you can sign on to a letter condemning the US Army’s attack on Chelsea.

Help us pay for Chelsea’s legal representation

Last week, before the US Army concocted this new attack on Chelsea, we launched a new effort today to finish paying for her critical legal representation. This will be critical for not only next week’s hearing, but for challenging her unjust Espionage Act conviction and draconian 35-year jail sentence.

Last week we raised $23,000 of the remaining $45,000 needed for Chelsea’s legal appeal. Thank you immensely to anyone who contributed, or who gave recently via our friends at the Freedom of the Press Foundation, who have put us within sight of our goal. For more options and information about donating to Chelsea’s defense, click here.

WRFG Labor Forum Program on Monday, August 17, 2015

Long-time WRFG Labor Forum host, Gary Washington returns to the program on Monday, Aug. 17 from 4-5pm on 89.3FM.
He and Paul McLennan, retired MARTA worker and ATU member will speak with William Flanagan, American Postal Worker Union #32 President about the NLRB charges against Staples and the fight to stop the privatization of postal services.
Later at 4:30pm, Teamster Local 527 Vice-President, Eddie Williams will talk about the contract negotiations with MeadWestvaco. Gary is a shop steward at that plant.
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Days of Grace Are Days of Rage March and Conference– Charleston, S.C.– Sep 2015


Charleston’s Days of Grace: Love’s Work Is Justice

September 5, 9am: National Mass March & Rally | September 6, Time TBA: Strategy Conference

En español “It would be a betrayal of everything Reverend Pinckney stood for, I believe, if we allowed ourselves to slip into a comfortable silence again”—President Barack Obama (6/26/15) In recent weeks, the Mother Emanuel AME Church community and the family of Walter Scott have shown the world the radical possibilities of resilience, love, and forgiveness. However, as the President reminded us at Senator Pinckney’s funeral, real healing will take hard work. Guns inflicted the fatal wounds of April and June, but racism, poverty and the politics of rancor and discord have long inflicted grave wounds on the state’s poor and most vulnerable people. This Labor Day weekend, people of faith and conscience will come together in Charleston to remember our fallen friends and to reflect on the racism and hatred that lay at the root of their deaths, as well as the violence that tears away at the fabric of our communities. Specifically, the gathering will call for an end to racist violence and the transformation of our commemorative landscape—our monuments, markers, and historic sites—to fully reflect South Carolina’s traditions of diversity and democracy. We will also come together to honor Clementa Pinckney and to affirm the moral principles that he stood for as pastor and public servant. These include: An end to discriminatory policing Expanded voting rights A living wage and collective bargaining rights for all working people Affordable healthcare and Medicaid expansion Quality education as a basic human right An end to gun violence Out of this mass gathering and a one-day strategy conference, we will build on the efforts of many grassroots organizations who have worked tirelessly and often thanklessly over the years to bring about a better South Carolina. If you believe that an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, and if you understand that what happened at Emanuel AME has implications far beyond Charleston, and if you believe that we can build a movement together to save South Carolina’s soul and the soul of the nation, then join us as we proclaim “Forward Together, Not One Step Back!” Issued by: International Longshoremen’s Association, Local 1422

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There are many ways to help build the Days of Grace:

WRFG Labor Forum Program for Monday, August 10, 2015

The Labor Forum, WRFG 89.3FM examines the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement in the year since the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri with local activist, Mary Hooks of Southerners on New Ground (SONG).
In particular, the Labor Forum team is interested in the connection between the struggle against racism and white supremacy and the low-wage worker campaign for $15 an hour and a union. What are the challenges facing working class youth who are leading these struggles and what role should the organized labor movement take?
Please tune in on Monday, August 10 from 4-5pm to 89.3FM, online at or on the WRFG mobile app. The Labor Forum is also live video streamed on its YouTube channel.
And be sure to pledge your support for your progressive, community radio station during the summer marathon by sending your donation to 1083 Austin Ave, NE, Atlanta 30307, going online at and click on the DONATION button and indicate your support for The Labor Forum or any other program or calling in at 404.523.8989.


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