WRFG Labor Forum Program on Monday, Sept.14, 2015

Please tune in Monday, Sept. 14 from 4-5 pm to The Labor Forum on WRFG 89.3FM to hear Martha Gravatt, Chrysler worker discuss the UAW contract with the Big 3 auto companies that expires on Sept. 15 – what the issues are  and the importance of the fight against two-tier wage systems.

At 4:30, the recent resistance by detainees at for profit Stewart Detention Center and the subsequent lock-down by the Corrections Corporation of America staff will be covered by two activists who were able to visit last Tuesday. With some 1800 men, many who are in the process of deportation, this prison has been plagued with issues of poor, uneatable food, lack of medical care, inaccessible legal aid, guard indifference and brutality, unsanitary conditions and more.

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