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WRFG Labor Forum Program on Monday, March 28

On Monday, March 28, Labor Forum guests discuss two issues of great importance to working people and their families – is there a need for religious liberty legislation in Georgia and what’s the purpose of the constitutional amendment to allow the state take-over of public schools known as the Opportunity School District?
Both of these public policy matters have great impact on a wide cross section of workers, their workplaces and their communities.

From 4:15-4:30pm, we will ask Rob Woods of Georgia Equality what is the motivation behind and what are the possible consequences of religious liberty legislation in the state.

Then from 4:30-5pm, Greg Fann of AFSCME 1644 and Rev. Albert Love of SCLC will continue our exploration of the background and impact of the Opportunity School District proposal. Quality public school education has long been a fought-for right by labor and civil rights groups. We will ask how they see OSD in the context of that struggle for equality and democratic participation.

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WRFG Labor Forum program for Monday, March 21, 2016

The March 20 Labor Forum welcomes Eva Cardenas of the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights to the studios of WRFG 89.3FM to talk about the upcoming March 24 Rally in defense of Our Families and Community. Harsh and repressive legislation continues to be raised and in some cases, passed at the state level and federally sponsored raids have created intense fear in immigrant communities. Eva will offer analysis and solutions to this critical issue for working people. Her interview will take place from 4:15-4:30pm.

The question of how to ensure quality public education in Georgia dominates political discussion with the recent approval of a “turn around” plan passed by the Atlanta public school board and the upcoming constitutional question known as the “Opportunity School District” on the Nov. ballot. Veteran teacher and librarian Susan McWethy will bring her perspective on the issue from 4:30-5pm.

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WRFG Labor Forum Program on Monday, March 14, 2016

The Labor Forum on WRFG 89.3FM welcomes Preyonda Broome, ATU member and MARTA Mobility driver to the studio to talk about the privatization of the service and how the union and workers are fighting back. She will describe recent actions the MARTA workers have taken to alert the public of the negative consequences of privatization of public transportation. This interview will be from 4:15-4:30pm.

At 4:30, The Labor Forum audience will hear about the Southern Workers School held March 5-6 in Raleigh, NC from an organizer and a participant. More than 70 workers from nine states gathered to learn about past and current labor struggles, share lessons and develop organizing skills.The school is a project of the Southern Workers Assembly, a network of unions, organizing committees, workers centers and other activists engaged in struggles for worker rights and power. The SWA seeks to build rank and file leadership, particularly among Black, Latino and women workers.

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WRFG Labor Forum program on Monday, March 7, 2016

In advance of March 8 International Working Women’s day,The Labor Forum, WRFG 89.3FM salutes all women workers, struggling for justice and equality, respect and peace in the workplace. the community and around the world.

On today’s program, acting president of AFGE Local #2017 in Augusta, Ga., Jamie Dukes will describe the failure of the base management at Fort Gordon to abide by the terms of their existing contract or to negotiate a new one. The civilian workers include nursing and medical personnel and administrative and clerical workers among others.Their lengthy list of grievances is the reason for a solidarity rally called for Tuesday, March 8 at the base gates.

Brother Dukes will join the Labor Forum team in the studio from 4:15-4:30pm,
Advocates for immigrant rights, Azadeh Shahshahani and Stephanie Cho will analyze the motivation and implications of several pieces of anti-immigrant legislation pending before the Georgia General Assembly. This discussion will be from 4:30-5pm. Hostility to immigrants has been openly declared not just by presidential candidates but has been a staple in Georgia local and state politics for several years. We will ask our guests how this impacts social and economic rights for all working families and how to combat these divisive policies.
The Labor Forum is aired every Monday from 4-5pm on WRFG 89.3FM. For additional information, please see, like our Facebook page and join us on Twitter.Also subscribe to The Labor Forum YouTube channel to watch the program live or the archived show.

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