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WRFG Labor Forum Program on Monday, May 30, 2016

On this week’s Labor Forum, learn about the first Memorial Day held by formerly enslaved Africans honoring Union soldiers, hear about the terror of immigration raids and detention by Elena whose sister was taken from her home and sent to a camp in Texas and from 4:30 to 5pm, thrill to the account of the protests at the McDonald’s stockholders by participant Dawn O’Neal.

The Labor Forum broadcasts every Monday from 4-5pm on WRFG 89.3FM with a team of labor and community activists, Dianne Mathiowetz, UAW #10, Paul McClennan, ATU 732, Dawn O’Neal, Fight for $15 and a Union, Annette Taylor, Rise Up, Christopher Hollis and Azi Ebrahimi.

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WRFG Labor Forum Program for Monday, May 23, 2016

One May 23, The Labor Forum explores the reality of another group of low-wage workers with our guest, Peter Pihos, an adjunct professor at Duke University in N.C.who is organizing for living wages and a union at the prestigious and wealthy university.

He will be interviewed from 4:15-4:30 on WRFG 89.3FM.
At 4:30, Tiffany Williams Roberts, a civil rights and criminal defense attorney, will be joining us in studio. She is an activist with Black Lives Matter and ¬†will be discussing how the “school to prison pipeline” works. One of the many issues facing working class parents is that of the connection between unequal education and unequal justice in the legal system.
Tens of thousands of youth of color face life-altering criminal records, initiated by school security officers and local prosecutors.
The Labor Forum airs every Monday from 4-5pm and brings focus on the many workplace, community, national and international struggles against exploitation and oppression by poor and working people.
The Labor Forum team has expanded with Dawn O’Neal and Annette Taylor joining Dianne Mathiowetz, Paul McLennan, Christopher Hollis and Azi Ebrahimi in producing and hosting the weekly program.
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WRFG Labor Forum program on Monday, May 16, 2016

Among the 40,000 Verizon workers on strike are thousands of IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) members in Massachusetts. Myles Calvey, IBEW #2222 financial secretary and strike activist, is calling into The Labor Forum, WRFG 89.3FM on Monday, May 16. He will give us a picture of the large and strong actions being taken by the strikers and their supporters in this key union battle against the telecommunications giant. Brother Calvey will be on air from 4:15-4:30pm.

From 4:30-4:55 pm,The Labor Forum audience will hear first-hand from two of the youth who were arrested at the recent Board of Regents meeting, protesting the discriminatory policies barring or restricting undocumented Georgia students from attending the state’s public universities and colleges. The Labor Forum will ask about comparisons.with similar bans of African American students during Jim Crow segregation. The workers’ movement has always recognized the importance of quality education for all. We will discuss why this fight needs to be supported by labor unions and all working class communities.

The Labor Forum team is expanding with the addition of Dawn O’Neal, childcare worker and Fight for $15 member and Annette Taylor, Rise Up activist.They are joining Dianne Mathiowetz,retired autoworker and UAW #10 member and Paul McLennan, retired MARTA worker and ATU #732 member as well as Christopher Hollis, GSU student and the program engineer and Azi Ebrahimi, video and social media creator.

The Labor Forum airs every Monday from 4-5pm on WRFG 89.3FM. For more information, please see our website at Like us on Facebook; join us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

WRFG Labor Forum program on Monday, May 9

Thousands of Detroit teachers made national news with a two day sick-out on May 2-3 to demand payment in full for the remainder of their school contract.
The Labor Forum team will hear from Elena Herrada, an elected school board member, disempowered by the emergency manager of the Detroit public school system as well as an affected teacher. From 4:30-4:55pm, they will explain why Detroit’s education system is in such deep crisis and what lessons can be learned in light of Governor Deal’s “Opportunity School District” ballot initiative..

Earlier from 4:15-4:30, Kerry White, an Atlanta letter carrier and union steward with the National Association of Letter Carriers will talk about the role in the community of postal workers, in particular the Stamp Out Hunger campaign, Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Labor Forum on WRFG 89.3FM airs every Monday from 4-5pm, opening with Labor Headlines and This Week in Labor History segments. Each week, program guests talk about the issues important to working people and their famiiies, offering analysis and solutions

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WRFG Labor Forum on Monday, May 2, 2016

The Labor Forum on WRFG 89.3FM welcomes Kurt Petermeyer and Christi Griffin, OSHA regional and area administrators to explain how their agency protects workers’ health and safety on the job.Despite some progress, every year thousands of workers lose their lives at work and thousands of others are injured or become ill.
The Labor Forum team will be asking these officials what more needs to be done to ensure workers’ right to a safe workplace during out 4:30-5pm program segment.

Earlier from 4:15-4:30, organizers of the NYC May Day march will discuss why their event takes up so many issues affecting working people beyond conditions on the job.

The Labor Forum airs every Monday from 4-5pm on WRFG 89.3FM.

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