WRFG Labor Forum program on Monday, April 10

This is the third week of WRFG’s Spring Pledge Drive and The Labor Forum encourages all those who have been interviewed on the program and who have listened and learned about the many struggles of working and poor people for economic and social justice to contribute as much as you can to keep progressive, independent radio on the air.

You can go online any time at http://www.wrfg.org to donate, or call at 404.523.8989 or mail your check or drop it by in person at 1083 Austin Ave NE, Atlanta 30307.
Monday’s show highlights the varying kinds of workers who see a need to have a union and a collective bargaining agreement with management.
At 4:15-4:30, Emory University graduate students, Jonathan Basile and Anais Fern Stenson will tell us about the organizing drive on their campus to win recognition of their rights as university workers. Just as many corporations employ temp workers, colleges and universities are using adjunct professors and graduate students to teach more and more of the classes, paying them poverty wages with no benefits and no security. Union drives are happening across the country at public as well as private universities.
Then from 4:30-4:55, Randy Beall and Mitch Boyd, representing the Building Trades unions will talk about the apprenticeship programs in trades like heavy equipment operating, painting, bricklaying, electrical, sheetmetal work and other fields that offer good wages, safe working conditions and benefits as union workers.Their appearance on The Labor Forum and WRFG is part of an effort to reach out to communities, particularly young people,women and youth of color, to let them know of these opportunities.They will describe the various partnerships they have with civic organizations to bring economic and social benefits to the Atlanta community at large.
The Labor Forum airs every Monday from 4-5pm on WRFG 89.3FM.
For additional information, please see http://www.wrfglaborforum.org

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