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WRFG Spring Pledge Drive (March5th-March 25th)

WRFG Labor Forum on Monday, Feb 12

The Labor Forum on WRFG 89.3FM welcome three guests to today’s program, all actively engaged in campaigns to win economic justice for low-wage workers.

From 4:15-4:30, Jacklyn Izsrael with the Atlanta chapter of the National Domestic Workers Alliance will provide information about an upcoming event honoring Dorothy Bolden who organized thousands of domestic workers nationally into a union. The NDWA is continuing the work of empowering domestic workers to win wage and benefit improvements for their vital work.
At 4:30, Tina Pippin, an Agnes Scott College faculty member and Della Spurley-Bell, a retired ASC custodian and founder of the ASC union chapter, will talk about the ongoing Living Wage campaign at the college. A common issue at many colleges and universities is the contracting out of food services, transportation, grounds work and other necessary jobs to other companies who often pay miserly wages and offer no benefits. Details of a Feb. 17th teach-in on economic justice will be discussed.
The Labor Forum airs every Monday from 4-5pm on WRFG 89.3FM, Atlanta’s progressive community radio station.
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