WRFG Labor Forum program on Monday, April 30

The Labor Forum on WRFG 89.3FM sends solidarity greetings to our listeners and supporters on the eve of International Workers Day, May 1st.

We hope that our weekly one hour program every Monday from 4-5pm provides news coverage and analysis of issues and struggles impacting working people, their families and communities in way that educates, inspires and mobilizes for worker power.

Our first guest from 4:15-4:30 is Deborah Arnold, a member of the Housing Justice League, who will pass on information about nationwide protests opposing HUD budget cuts to affordable housing programs. These actions are taking place tomorrow, May 1, including here in Atlanta at Senator David Perdue’s office in Buckhead.
Following on the heels of the housing foreclosure crisis which saw thousands of people lose their homes to fraudulent and unethical banking and mortgage practices, Atlantans now face escalating rents, exorbitant home sales prices and aggressive development projects in inner city neighborhoods that are displacing communities of color, seniors and low-wage workers.

Please tune in to hear about the work of the Housing Justice League at 4:15.

Next, a parent of two children attending DeKalb County schools will discuss why the demands of the DeKalb bus drivers should be met.
Hannah Hawkins is a community supporter of the workers who participated in a “sick-out” to draw attention to their lack of a living wage and a pension for their years of service as well as issues regarding the condition and safety of the school buses.
Across the country, teachers and other education workers including bus drivers, maintenance and cafeteria workers, have taken bold measures to bring the reality of underfunded public education to the country’s attention.
This interview will be heard from 4:30-4:55.

For more information about The Labor Forum including the archive of past programs, please see wrfglaborforum.org

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