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WRFG Labor Forum program on Monday, May 7

The Labor Forum on WRFG 89.3FM welcomes two guests to today’s program.

From 4:15-4:30, Sara Patenaude an activist with Hate Free Decatur, will describe the latest
developments in the campaign to remove the confederate monument from Decatur Square.
The group is mobilizing for a Tuesday County Commission meeting to press elected officials to
carry out the actions approved months ago to take the white supremacist symbol off the public square.

At 4:30, Labor Forum listeners will hear from Robert Griswald, a student at the New School in NYC, who is one
of many students who have occupied the college’s cafeteria since May 1. The school has a reputation for being
a progressive institution but the administration fired 45 cafeteria workers in order to bring in a subcontractor,
paying lower wages.

The Labor Forum applauds the role these students are playing in defense of the workers’ rights to keep their jobs.

Please tune in every Monday from 4-5pm at WRFG 89.3FM to hear about the struggles affecting working people
and their families from those taking active participation and leadership in the fight.

For more information, see wrfglaborforum.org

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