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Join us for WRFG 45th Birthday Celebration on Sat, June 23

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WRFG Labor Forum on Monday, June 4

Darrell Lane, President of Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Union Local #42 brings
the latest news of the ongoing struggle with Mondelez (formerly Kraft) both locally and nationally.
The corporation infamously closed the Chicago plant that produced Oreo cookies and moved production
to a low-wage facility in Mexico that ships the product back to the US.
Darrell will speak about the contract negotiation issues facing the Atlanta workforce.
This interview will be from 4:30-4:55 on The Labor Forum on WRFG 89.3FM.

Earlier in the program, we will review two events that took place this past week-end that figure in the
establishment and growth of WRFG 89.3FM as an independent, progressive community radio station.

In 1968, the Great Speckled Bird, an underground newspaper, was founded by a group of young activists to
provide news and information to and about the rising social, cultural and political movements of the time.
The development of a mission-based, community sponsored and supported radio station was bolstered by
the Great Speckled Bird and other grassroots organizations and so WRFG 89.3FM was born in 1973.
A 50th Bird anniversary event was held on Saturday, June 2 with featured speaker, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now
whose program is aired on WRFG weekdays from 5-6pm.

Poet, political activist, organizer, founder of multiple community institutions and long-time WRFG Board member and
Program Director, Ebon Dooley, was honored at the Auburn Ave Research Library on Sunday where his extensive
collection of papers, books, documents, writings and more are archived.
We will share some of the moments of that event.

The Labor Forum airs every Monday from 4-5pm on WRFG 89.3FM. For additional information, please see

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