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I’d like to open with this brief comment about the month of February’s official designation as Black History Month but for those of you who listen to this program and others on WRFG, you know that the we celebrate the struggles and accomplishments of people of color, Black people, men, women, LGBTQ, artists, workers, musicians, activists, immigrants and revolutionaries every month, every day
So just let me open today’s Labor Headlines by saluting the life and heroism of Rosa Parks who was born on this day 106 years ago in 1913.
The face of the Montgomery Bus Boycott which saw thousands of people walk to work, church, and school rather than ride in segregated buses for months and months had already established herself as a fierce freedom fighter in Alabama. I encourage you to read more about all that she did to end the vicious racism of Jim Crow segregation and the ongoing structural white supremacist policies.
The first news story comes out of Canada where the Trudeau government followed along with Trump’s imperialist selection of a bogus president, Juan Guaido, in Venezuela.
The largest single union in Canada, CUPE or Canadian Union of Public Employees, issued a strong statement of support for the elected
president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, and denounced the recognition of the self-proclaimed businessman, Guaido as president.
CUPE represents some 700,000 transport health and other service sector workers. The statement proclaims that the union “rejects any attempt by thr Canadian government to interfere with the democratic processes and sovereignty of the Venezuelan people.
The even larger Canadian Labor Congress, the country’s umbrella organization of more than 3 million unionized workers has called on Canada to “abstain from seeking regime change and intervening in the sovereign affairs of Venezuela.”
The phony president has already made clear he intends to privatize Venezuela’s oil reserves which is the prize long sought by the big oil companies and banks in the US.
Since the corporate media are fully in cahoots with the plan to smash the social programs which have provided education, housing, healthcare and participation in decision-making to the majority of workers and poor, especially Afro-Venezuelans and Indigenous, don’t expect to see the mammoth crowds that have rallied for consecutive days in defense of their Bolivarian revolution. You’ll have to go to other independent sources on the internet and here at your community radio station.
We’re going to talk in a minute about some views and facts about the Super Bowl that didn’t make the news but first this item of interest.
For those of you who during the past two years have driven on Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard around Morehouse and saw the abandoned building at the corner of Fair St. There’s a light there so your eyes might have spotted a mural of Colin Kaepernick wearing his number 7 jersey mext to a figure of an African warrior with the features of Mohammad Ali.
The artist, Fabian Williams, happened to be driving days ago by as the building was being demolished.
Kaepernick, the former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, shook the NFL and the political establishment by taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem in 2016 to protest the killing of people of color, particularly Black men, by police.
When the highly-rated athlete was not hired by any team and his actions were denounced by Trump, Williams painted him in a Falcons uniform on the building located about one mile from Mercedes-Benz stadium.
In response to the demolition of his original mural, Williams immediately painted another Kaepernick image on Peeples St.
And so Kaeperbowl was born and a flurry of murals featuring the outspoken athlete, at least six according to social media, were completed on Super Bowl Sunday.

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